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Turn up the radio!

Posted Wednesday 27th June 2012, 5:00pm
Turn up the radio!

When I got up on Monday morning around 8am I found I had 10 missed calls, 3 SMSs and an email.  How did I sleep though my phone?!  (My ring tone is Moby’s Extreme Ways)

Well it was 3AW and 774 ABC Melbourne calling wanting a morning interview for their breakfast programs!  Fortunately they were able to get a hold of Alex Fearnside, CEO of Yarra Energy Foundation to step in and he had fun chatting to Red Symons! [Audio coming soon]

So within in minutes of sitting in front of my computer in my pyjamas I had spoken to GOLD104.3 for a news spot and a friend posted on my Facebook wall that she heard it on Fox FM too! WOW!

What happened the following few hours was a bit of a blurr... but I had also pre-recorded an interview with Derryn Hinch on 3AW for his afternoon ‘Drive’ program and a live phone-in interview with Sonya Feldhoff from 891 ABC Adelaide.

Here’s the clip to my interview with Derry Hinch... nice guy, thought the project was fantastic!

I was on cloud nine by the end of the day!

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