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Power Shift 2013: The Power of Poo

Posted Saturday 6th July 2013, 12:00pm

It's one week until Melbourne Water and Poo Power! join forces at Power Shift 2013 on Saturday, 13 July at 1:30pm (Monash Clayton, Building 11, Room W215).  We have included the workshop overview for you below.

at Power Shift 2013

The Power of Poo (flyer)

Disposing of human waste is not a problem, but an opportunity. Did you know that Melbourne Water is able to generate about 95% of their annual electricity needs at their Western Treatment Plant? That's the power of 400 million litres of your raw sewage. However there's an additional 950,000 Victorian 'residents' that do not have the benefit of a sewage system - our best friend, the family dog. Therefore a pioneering Melbourne-based project ("Poo Power!") provides leadership on how biogas technology as demonstrated by Melbourne Water can be scaled and applied to different settings. In this session exclusive to Power Shift 2013, the Power of Poo is revealed, its role in our energy future and what you can do to get on board to better our planet. This session is collaboratively delivered by Kim O'Hoy from Melbourne Water and Duncan Chew from Poo Power!

Duncan will be giving a second presentation before taking part in the 'Community-led Renewable Energy' panel on Saturday, 13 July at 3:30pm (Monash Clayton, Building 11, Room H5).

Tickets available at www.powershift.org.au

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