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Spring has sprung!

Posted Wednesday 19th September 2012, 10:20am
Spring has sprung!

It’s been a while since updates and I know it’s been long overdue but let me fill you in on Poo Power!’s progress.

My national tour of ABC radio made a stop in Rockhampton QLD, and then Canberra ACT. I had the pleasure of talking to the Capricornicans on Rebecca McLaren’s afternoon program and to our nation’s capital on Drive with Louise Maher. I think the people at Inspiring Australia were feeling a little left out up until that point as I got a couple of emails who had heard me on the radio during that wet afternoon. I had included the interview from Louise’s show which was kindly supplied by the good folk at the ABC. But more recently I did a full interview back here in Melbourne on 98.9 North West FM’s on ‘Environmentality’ which is part of the Banksia Garden’s Community Services program. It was fun being a DJ for an hour selecting the songs to play during the musical breaks. Here’s the link to their blog and the postcast should be uploaded soon.

The project wheel clogs have been churning too. At the beginning of my project - before the grant came through - I had approached RMIT Industrial Design for some assistance. I had been working with fourth year student Chris Herman, who had come up with some beautiful looking designs including a ‘campfire’ unit to burn the biogas in the public parks. Unfortunately Chris decided to step away from the project for personal reasons but left his work behind which may make an appearance in the near future. As a way forward I’m am now in discussions with Swinburne University (where I still lecture on a casual basis) to bring Poo Power! back ‘home’.

Over the last few months I have also been in discussions with James Boldiston. On his website his job title is 'Director of Poo Operation' but he has this wonderful documentary - Dog Poo: The Truth At Last. Here’s the trailer and it has been shown in film festivals internationally so it’s time to bring to Melbourne. It’s a great little documentary so I’m very excited that you’ll get to see it soon.

I’ve also been meeting various members of the Australian Biogas Group, including Francis Grey from Effluence who is extremely knowledgable in all things to do with anaerobic digestion. As there is not a lot of research about dog waste digestion. In fact, next to nothing so we were talking about some future lab testing.

Other than that the Poo Power! communication plan was recently submitted to Inspiring Australia for their consideration and is now awaiting approval; I’ve met with a new partner who is coming on board; and, my university work has now peaked. Much, much more is going on behind the scenes and all will be revealed in good time so make sure you have signed up for our newsletters.

Happy scooping!



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