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Second Wave

Posted Thursday 9th August 2012, 3:49pm
Second Wave

Diesel is a good-looking ambassador for Poo Power! but his inability to talk (and lack of opposable thumbs) limits what he can do to help out.  So, it falls to me - the "hoomin" - to pick up the slack.

So after June's media whirlwind I was able to focus on some of the more important project milestones.  I spent quite a few hours on the stakeholder engagement plan which outlines how I intend to meet you all and what I'm going to say when I do.  It's currently being circulated to some experts before it gets sent off to the good folks at Inspiring Australia for approval.

On a Sunday drive down to Geelong listening to the radio, between playing songs Mix 101.1 FM have used my name (Duncan Chew) in a sound bite.  No more than 2-3 seconds but it was out there.  Whoa!

Since the publicity I've been getting I've been leveraging off every poo pun I can think off... and I'm not the only one to blame as every reporter and copyrighter has followed suit.  Michael Green who wrote the most recent article that appeared in the Sunday Age as well as his website also noted that Poo Power!'s pun-to-weight ratio is off the chart.

However, what I did notice was how the online editor at The Age changed the headline and caption after posting it on the website on Monday.  Originally it was "A new light on the hill - Thinking outside the boxer harnesses another power" then was changed to "Poo Power - Dog dung power station to generate electricity for park lighting".  I think there was an assumption that lighting automatically meant electricity generation.  Yes, the biogas from the generator can produce electricity but you can also create light from burning the raw biogas, which is my plan to minimise any transmission loses changing it from one state to another.  

I've had some trouble in articulating to the media hands-on practical uses of biogas, only because there are so many variables.  I'll have a better idea after the testing phase is complete and publish the results but to give you an idea here are some figures

  • 1m3 of biogas can give as much light as a 60-100 Watt bulb for 6 hours
  • 1m3 of biogas can cook 3 meals for a family of 5-6
  • 1m3 of biogas can replace 0.7 kg of petrol
  • 1m3 of biogas can generate 1.25 kiloWatt hours of electricity

But as the article went out across the Fairfax networks and consequently on The Age landing page, ABC 1233 Newcastle picked up the story.  I had a lovely chat on the air with Jill Emberson on her morning show who thought it was an excellent idea and would love to see it up in the Hunter Valley, and I'm looking forward to catching up with her later in the year to update her listeners on this exciting project.

I'm thrilled that news continues to get around but it's back to the grind for Diesel and myself in preparation for what we have planned coming in Summer.  Stay tuned!

With thanks: www.michaelbgreen.com.au

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