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SDF Mid-Year Progress Report

Posted Tuesday 4th June 2013, 8:00am
SDF Mid-Year Progress Report

Last night all Swinburne Design Factory student teams presented their projects to over 100 guests, including the Poo Power! SDF Unit.  The team also presented their mid-year report and provided the following summary of their outcomes:

The SDF team began with an introduction from support teachers Christine, Paivi and Angele along with the client Duncan of what the project is about and the assessable requirements. The members of the team took on roles that include: research, communication, business, fun, finance, prototype, visual and group co-managers. A team name and logo were conceptualised but found to be too similar and a distraction from the Poo Power! branding so the SDF logo is utilised instead.

The SDF team initially required feedback from the public to make both parties aware of the project, so after questions were formulated and the ethics was approved, a survey and observation was conducted at 'Pets in the Park' event at Malvern. The results of this proved in favour that the public are both supporters of the project and alarmingly unaware of the environmental risks posed by dog waste.

A strong team ethic was built from activities such as the PD4 rapid ideology and prototyping with participation of the sponsor, Duncan. A team building session with Paivi revealed some thoughts of the team members in relation to one another. A team meeting session where the members displayed and spoke about the work of their discipline gave a clear insight to what is achievable from all.

Additional support to the regular teaching staff saw a workshop safety discussion and questionnaire, which made it permissible now for all team members to enter the workshop. Another insight was given by Mark Strachan's presentation that clearly set the understanding and differences between systems and services.

Mid-semester presentation by the team to Duncan showed him that they are well on track and good questions posed to him by the team gave them a more vivid direction beyond that. The clarity paved ways forward for the team to separate the tasks they will perform and those that they won't do that can be advised to Duncan, for him to be mindful of these ideas to further his Poo Power! project.

Ongoing support from Angele has assisted the team greatly for its business model canvas, which was re-entitled "Service model canvas" to more accurately describe the value adding project rather than as a saleable product. The team's brainstorming sessions produced a well-rounded outcome for the service model canvas.

Members of the SDF team went beyond the call of duty to assist in the running of their sponsor Duncan's trade stand at the Exhibition Building event, the 'Dog Lover's Show' which gave them more insight to the public's acceptance of the project, quantitative waste volume information and a few other useful mentions. Support material in the form of diagrammatic posters provided a valuable guide of quick explanation to the public as they stopped at the stand to learn more.

The team has two separate inroads for the future which will lead progression to firstly the design aspects that will interface the public with the bio-digester unit and its situation within the park environment and secondly an awareness and education program for the interaction of the public with the bio-digester unit. Conceptual drawings sessions have provided a great number of ideas to the way these two tasks can move forward.

An online survey for information gathering has undergone re-wording to more suitably fit the projects outlined ethics approval. During the mid-semester break the team shall attend a guided tour of a water treatment plant of one of the projects sponsors, Melbourne Water. The team has had fantastic mentoring from Christine, and its members have moved through some extensive ideation and decision-making throughout the project, a range of differing opinions that have merged into strongly developed bonds that is an excellent platform and knowledge base for their next semester progression towards the final outcome later in the year.

Read more about the Swinburne Design Factory: www.swinburne.edu.au/design/design-factory

[Image: Paivi Oinonen]

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