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Poo, Snap, Send

Posted Tuesday 15th January 2013, 6:00am
Poo, Snap, Send


Poo Power! entrepreneur Duncan Chew has teamed up with local film maker James Boldiston who are developing a new, funny and functional mobile app: with a suitable mobile device, photos of a dog poo left at the park or in the street will be uploaded, then its location geotagged and shared to a map with other poo-enthusiasts.

The Poo Power! app has benefits to many:

- Dog lovers - This is your opportunity to vote for Poo Power! to come to you. From your regular uploads and photos, we will be able to identify the dog poo “hot spots.” Then, we can propose a Poo Power! station to your local Council.

- Park users - Don’t own a dog but like using you local park but fed-up with the crap? With your photo uploads we can provide reports to your local authorities about dog owners who are not doing the responsible thing and help them to ensure your park is clean and safe to use, when you want to use it.

- Government, park management, water and waste agencies - Little data exists on dog poo but it is one of the major sources of complaints that is received by Councils. The app provides real-time data on dog waste and dog owners’ behaviour which is valuable to the existing collected information and community consultation. Time, date, location all presented in a visual and user-friendly format.

Full details of this exciting development will be announced at the Sustainable Living Festival where Duncan Chew will be presenting his project on Saturday 16 February 2013 at 12 noon in ‘The Big Tent’ at Federation Square. Information of the project’s Pozible crowdfunding campaign will also be provided as the Poo Power! app’s development is outside the scope of the Inspiring Australia grant guidelines.

As part of the wider State of Sustainability program a second Poo Power! event will be held at the Village Rivoli Cinemas on Thursday 21 February 2013 at 6:30pm where James Boldiston’s humourous documentary - Dog Poo, The Truth At Last - will receive its Melbourne premiere.

Full event details and ticketing are available at www.poopower.com.au

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education in partnership with the Yarra Energy Foundation.

For more information about Poo Power! or for media requests contact the team at info@poopower.com.au


About Poo Power!

Poo Power! is an exciting Melbourne project that has already made an impact in 2012 after receiving its first grant from The Awesome Foundation, quickly followed by a second from the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia program and then its successful launch event in North Fitzroy’s Edinburgh Gardens at the end of the year. Using the 1,350 tonnes of dog poo discarded on a daily basis in Australia Poo Power! wants to light the world - literally and figuratively. The renewable energy produced by the biogas generators will be used to provide lighting for users of the urban parks in the peak early morning and evening periods. Also, the project engages local residents with the issues of dog waste (including biogeneration from waste, ecological sanitation and water ecosystem protection) through informative social media, educational resources, delivering presentations and other events.

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