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Nobel Laureate meets with Poo Power!

Posted Thursday 30th May 2013, 6:00pm
Nobel Laureate meets with Poo Power!

Duncan Chew of Poo Power! met up with Nobel Laureate Professor Peter C. Doherty at the University of Melbourne today to compare notes about science communication in Australia.

Following a meeting with Inspiring Australia a week earlier, Duncan reached out to Prof. Doherty after learning that he is campaigning for science to be communicated better as life­affirming and humorous.  The messages from the scientific community were often "grim, unrelenting and humourless." he explains.

Duncan has embraced the toilet humour of Poo Power! understanding its power to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds who wouldn't normally be interested in science.

Science is about "discovery and finding solutions" explains Prof. Doherty, and views projects such as Poo Power! as a great, innovative example of people getting involved in citizen-based science.

Prof. Doherty could certainly relate to the issue of dog waste as he originally trained as a veterinary surgeon but now his post-Nobel work has focussed on viruses that cause cancer and Epstein-Barr disease.

Prof. Doherty is the author of several books including 'Sentinel Chickens' and is currently writing his next book tentatively entitled 'Belief, Evidence & Reality'.

You can follow Prof. Peter Doherty on Twitter @ProfPCDoherty.

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