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Minister visits Poo Power! in Melbourne

Posted Friday 3rd May 2013, 6:00pm
Minister visits Poo Power! in Melbourne

Federal Minister for Science and Research Senator Don Farrell visited one of the Inspiring Australia projects - Poo Power! - that received funding under the 'Unlocking Australia's Potential' grant program during his recent trip to Melbourne.

On the first day of the inaugural Dog Lovers Show, Senator Farrell stopped by to speak to dog poo entrepreneur Duncan Chew at his stand.

"Poo Power! is grateful for the opportunity that the Inspiring Australia program has provided. As a result of this support we have so far sparked the imagination of thousands of Australians on using dog waste for renewable energy," explains Duncan, "and we've only just begun."

The Minister showed a keen interest in the science of turning dog waste into renewable energy as he has owns a Schnauzer-Poodle cross with his wife and family; as well as due to his prior ministerial appointment as Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water.

Before he caught his flight back to Adelaide, Senator Farrell was given an information pack which included details on Poo Power!, a project branded fridge magnet, a packet of compostable dog poo bags and a copy of 'Dog Poo The Truth At Last' on DVD'.

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