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Let's run with this!

Posted Sunday 8th July 2012, 12:00am
Let's run with this!

Diesel is an energetic boy. When we’re out for walks he’s not happy unless the lead is fully extended, as you saw in the Leader Newspaper photos, and that's how I'm feeling with the project pulling me along enthusiastically.

These photos are available on NewsPhotos. If you happen to purchase a photo from Leader Community Newspapers feel free to send a stamped, self addressed envelope and Diesel will autograph it for you! Your choice between lick or paw print:

PO Box 1277 
Camberwell VIC 3124 


This week the Leader also published a follow-up story. ‘Poo to power park light’ (02/07/2012; page 14) reported Yarra Council’s decision to investigate using dog poo when prompted by Cr Sam Gaylard due to a request from Richmond pet owners for more lighting at Citizen’s Park. You can imagine my surprise in reading this as no one outside of Yarra Energy Foundation had been fully briefed about Poo Power! I did meet with Joanne Bush and Michael Oke from Yarra Council on Friday morning and brought them up to speed on the current planning phase of the project (and to clear the air after the media attention around the grant announcement).

In the weeks following the announcement I have been busy out and about: I’ve been invited to join the Australian Biogas Group and Bioenergy Australia; I met Sally McLennan over afternoon tea about the Dog Lovers Show next year in May; talked about dog poo (again) with Nick Jaffe from Electron Workshop; and, have an exciting meeting with dog poo documentary producer/director James Boldiston next week.

In other project media updates, I have also been able to get a hold of my phone-in interview with 891 ABC Adelaide from last week, and I recently stumbled across a HuffPost article where I get a mention. Very exciting that the news is spreading!

Until the next update, happy pooping and scooping :)

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