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I’m ready for my close up

Posted Wednesday 27th June 2012, 6:05pm
I'm ready for my close up

Monday was a big day for me.  Not only was it an unexpected media whirlwind but I had an appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon, the esteemed Professor Peter Choong, for my 24 month review.  As a cancer survivor there is a big focus on these milestones and it’s difficult not to get caught up in the anxiety, dodging the PTSD triggers and remain in the present moment.

Well, I got the all clear. WOO-HOO!  But on the train home, my partner pointed to me that The Project (Channel 10) had tweeted and posted on Facebook about Poo Power!  The things people say on Facebook... is this my audience?  So we got home to to find that it made the program itself where Carrie covered it in the opening news spot.  Here’s what the panel had to say...

Of course, Steve Price was his normal cheery self.  Yes, $45k may seem excessive but the grant was awarded by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education as part of their Unlocking Australia's Potential Grants Program.  But here’s the surprising thing: I originally applied for $4000 to fund Stage 1 of the project (testing and prototyping) but the grants committee saw the potential in it and wanted to see it through to the community engagement stage.  Everyone who I have talked to about this has never heard of this happening before so you can imagine how shocked I was when I first got the news especially as it was my first attempt in applying for a grant.  (Beginner's luck?)  It’s both an opportunity as well as a burden but I am willing to give it all that I’ve got. 

So my funds are to be used to “engage Australians in the sciences through utilising an anaerobic methane digester in Melbourne to process community dog waste to create biogas that can serve as a local renewable energy source” as quoted in my funding agreement.  Sounds good?  Getting people to learn and become interested in sustainability, closed-loop waste management and renewable energy?  I don’t think it’s ridiculous.  I’m quite excited about getting out there and talking to schools, running public events, visiting community organisations and showcasing the awesomeness of Australians.


Next... “This is Paige from the Today show calling.”

Now this was surreal... and unfortunately it didn’t eventuate.  There were plans to have a satellite feed to Lisa Wilkinson and gang at 8:10am.  It was going to be sub-zero temperatures, with Sally and Diesel live from Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.  But I got up on Tuesday morning and halfway through eating my homemade muesli I got a call politely explaining that it was a heavy news night and I was bumped from the schedule :(

Disappointed and relieved at the same time.  The national exposure would have been wonderful but from the attention from the preceeding 24 hours across print, radio and television it was all beyond my expectations.  I’m pretty chuffed.

Remember, if you would like to get involved or contribute in any way please let me know.  This is only the beginning and looking forward to the exciting year ahead.

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