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Happy 2nd Birthday

Posted Tuesday 14th August 2012, 10:00am
Happy 2nd Birthday

Doesn't that cake look delicious?  It's fit for human consumption but I wouldn't recommend this liver and bacon cake I baked for the dogs' birthday last year.  Sally and Diesel's birthdays are four days apart so any excuse to have friends and family over for a BBQ.

But today marks the day when I started on a small project looking at a sustainable dog waste management solution back in 2010.  Of course, now known as Poo Power!  

It was part of my Graduate Certificate in Sustainability at Swinburne University (cooincidentally, where I now lecture one or two days a week).  It was the final semester and the unit was on eco-design and I was just out of hospital for the the first time to rid my body of the cancer that was discovered a couple months earlier.  I was eager to finish the qualification.  Looking back I should have deferred but once I get an idea stuck in my head it's pretty hard to get me to change my mind.  As I had resigned from my full-time job earlier in the year during my downward spiral, I needed a project to work on so I suggested to my lecturer this idea that had been ticking around in my head for a little while.  You've probably heard the story a few times now, but I had seen a presentation on ecological sanitation of human waste with these special toilets and wondered if the same principle could be applied to dogs.  Yes it can!  After all, over 4 million dogs in Australia are without a sewage system and all that dog poo is polluting our environment.  What a waste of 'waste'.

So, after lots of research and lots of math I started slowly chipping away at the project.  There was a lot of interest but not a lot of support.  It's a bit radical and controversial but momentum didn't start building until the Awesome Foundation weighed in followed by Inspiring Australia.  I still get laughed at, but I'm having fun along the way.  I was just looking at the website analytics and 613 fans across 67 unique locations that have shown an interest in what I'm doing.  So thank you!  

Poo Power!

It's still early days, but looking forward to this exciting journey ahead.






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