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Grand Poo Design 2.0

Posted Wednesday 11th September 2013, 3:00pm
Grand Poo Design 2.0

As announced in our June (Winter) newsletter, we said goodbye to SDF team members Fransiska, Alexia and James who worked very hard over Semster 1 with their contributions to Poo Power! But over their break Crystal decided to seek new adventures; and Dom was offered full-time employment and so we sent him off with our blessing.

The Poo Power! SDF Unit reconvened back in August to pick up where they left off. Co-managed by Joel and Mark, with Aeen who has been with us since the start of the year:

  • Joel Benton (Discipline: Product Design Engineering) - Joel completed an Associate Degree of Engineering in 2011 and is now in his 4th year of university studying a Bachelor of Product Design Engineering. The degree is helping him to building on his skills to fulfill a strong desire to design creative and innovative products. Having previously worked as a Master Locksmith for 8 years Joel has a large amount of experience with customer relations from working for many councils, companies and residential clients. The skills he learned from his trade and pre-apprenticeship of engineering fabrication also allows him to produce a wide range of functional prototypes. Joel's human factors orientated designing skills will bring a specialised approach to the project that will ensure that the final product will be clever yet simple to use for all dog owners.
  • Mark Bluett (Discipline: Digital Design) - Mark has many years working in Industry as a digital visualiser. His wealth of experience will be important for communicating the teams concepts to the general public and project stakeholders. His specialised skills include: graphs of visual data, film interviews and product simulations, motion graphics for advertisement, and 3D animations for pre-visualisations.
  • Aeen Ashkani (Discipline: Interior Design) - Aeen completed an Interior Architecture Bachelor Degree in Malaysia and is now in the second Semester of university studying a Masters of Interior Design. Aeen worked for one year in 'Abu Dhabi Project & Supply L.L.C' in Iran before she moved to Malaysia where she improved her Auto CAD skills. Just one semester before she finished her Bachelor she had the chance to work full time for three months with 'Veritas Design Group', one of the well known Design Firms in Malaysia. This helped her a lot how to be creative and how to Attend Meetings, do Documentation and Conceptual Design. Aeen found this project interesting because its relationship to Sustainability which is related her current studies. She will be a great asset as the Research Manager aiding in her team members collaboration. She would love to see a great outcome from this project.

We now welcome four new team members:

  • Fernando Jimenez (Discipline: Industrial Designer) - Fernando was born in Mexico City one of the biggest most populated cities in the world. He holds a Bachelor in Industrial Design from the National University with an academic research exchange at the Milan Polytechnic in Italy. After graduation he founded coope.mx in Mexico City, a design studio centered in the development of products, services and environments. Characterised by a diverse portfolio in a variety of industries from architecture to furniture and products, Fernando has worked from national institutes to small startups and nonprofit organizations and has collaborated with a numerous range of interdisciplinary people and studios. His methodology is not specialised in one area but in the process for innovation. He lectures to undergraduates in Mexico and currently studies the master at the National University. He is doing an exchange research and studies at Swinburne University of Technology. His research is in Smart Cities and Smart Environments as well, with special emphasis on sustainability. Fernando expertise ranges from research to concept generation and prototyping.
  • Saara-Maria "Sassu" Kauppi (Discipline: Communication Design and Sustainability) - Sassu is an exchange student from Aalto University, Finland. In Finland she studies Creative Sustainability, a joint master's degree program that combines design, sustainability and interdisciplinary group work. Her working experience with graphic design and packaging industry will help the team to manage with deadlines and design clear presentations. She is at her best working with inspired people, who are brave to try something new and sometimes follow unpredictable paths. Sassu is definitely a dog person but is unfortunately a little allergic to them, but that doesn't stop her petting all the cute dogs in parks and streets. Woof woof!
  • Sophia Bischoping (Discipline: Interior Architecture) - Sophia completed an Interior Architecture Bachelor Degree in Germany and is now in her second year of her Master studies. Currently she is part of the Study Abroad Program at the Swinburne University of Technology. Sophia has skills in furniture design, conceptual design, brand design as well as interior architecture. Her project has a focus on innovative and sustainable design. With her practice in 3D modelling, AutoCAD and prototyping she will be able to contribute to important components of the project. She is looking forward to exciting group work and is happy to be part of the project.
  • Peter Turner (Discipline: Finance) - Peter is currently in his final semester of his Commerce Bachelor Degree and has built a strong knowledge in Economics and Finance over the duration of his studies, including undertaking a number of successful interdisciplinary projects. He has an enthusiasm for design and environmental sustainability as he studied Product Design Engineering for a period of time, allowing him to contribute ideas in a number of areas due to his broad knowledge of various disciplines. He hopes to utilise the skills gained from his studies and his experience from working both in Australia and Germany to produce an affordable and manageable design outcome that is welcomed by the community.

As we're now at the business-end of the collaboration with Swinburne Design Factory I urge the dog lovers of Melbourne to come to Pets Day Out in Frankston on the Sunday 13th October 2013 as we'll be user-testing some ideas which will lead to the final design of the first Poo Power! station.

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