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First day of school

Posted Wednesday 29th January 2014, 10:00am
First day of school

Diesel has a habit of perching himself up on the front fence to greet the people on their way to work - he's quite popular in our street. It was a little busier than it has been in the last few weeks today as it was the first day back at school here in Melbourne.

So what will you learn this year?

Chances are if you're a teacher or student of Grade 5/6 Science you'll be learning about energy and how people from around the world use sustainable sources of energy. Or if you're in Grade 7/8 you'll be learning about the water cycle in Science and how our actions can have positive and negative effects on the sustainability of the water ecosystem.

Fun stuff, in Diesel's opinion, and we have written several posts on this website to get you learning about the science principles behind Poo Power! One of the first was "It's a gas, gas, gas" which introduces bioenergy and biogas to you with the following posts describing what it can be used for, its benefits and why it smells.

Also remember that we have our own Resources including a Study Guide which you can use in your classes or at home. If Diesel can help further please get in touch as we like getting emails from teachers and students of all ages asking questions who are working on assignments and projects for school.

Until next time, look out for a special episode of Totally Wild and Scope entirely on the topic of poo featuring Poo Power!

Have a Poo Power!-ful 2014.

Image: AJScharleston, Flickr

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