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Easy as ABC

Posted Saturday 6th April 2013, 1:00pm
Easy as ABC

Before Easter, Poo Power! received some more media attention in a story about our work on the ABC 7pm News and later in the evening on The Business. It was a great feature as it provided the ‘big picture’ together with the Clean Energy Council and our new supporter Melbourne Water.

Did you catch it? From speaking with people afterwards it seems to have got you thinking about how much potential energy is going to waste by throwing it away or flushing it down the toilet. Remember, that biogas can be produced from any form of organic waste like food leftovers and garden clippings. They will all emit methane (and other gases) while they decompose, as long as the right conditions are created during the bacterial process. So let’s harvest this energy as the supply is unlimited and the benefits are many:

  • Provides a non-polluting and renewable form of energy (traditional uses are cooking, lighting and heating)
  • Provides a source for decentralised energy generation
  • Prevents methane gas that would naturally enter the atmosphere (methane gas is 21 times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide)
  • Produces an enriched organic manure which can replace chemical fertilisers and therefore reduces the negative effects of such fertilisers on the environment
  • The combined treatment of animal, human and solid organic waste can be used that would be normally sent to landfill
  • Anaerobic digestion inactivates pathogens and parasites, and is effective in reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases
  • Leads to improvement in the environment, sanitation and hygiene

  • The technology is cheaper and simpler than those for other biofuels, and it is ideal for small scale application
  • Low operation and maintenance
Underground construction in cases of limited land or space
  • Long life span if maintained and operated correctly
  • Creates green jobs

Many of your responses since the story airing and from Pets in the Park are any indication and you’re saying loud and clear that you’re ready for a Poo Power! station in your local park now. However a little patience is needed as we continue to work with the interested Councils. If you like to help, feel free to get in contact with your local Council representative and let them know about our project and we can start (en)lighting the world together.

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