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Dogs Should...

Posted Monday 21st October 2013, 2:00pm

On the weekend, Diesel was inspired by the recent UN Women campaign to run a Google search on what "dogs should" and was a little shocked at some of the results that came up.

Dogs should...

Poo Power! has many facets. In addition to the education of biogas generation and waterway health, the positive benefits that dogs have in our community is another.

Dogs are Australia's most popular pet. The recently published 'Dog Ownership in Australia 2013' by the Animal Health Alliance state that 39% of households own a dog, estimating the dog population to 4.2 million in Australia; 19 dogs for every 100 people. You will noticed that this is an increase from the previously stated information on our website.

Companionship is the driving reason behind this. We connect to our pets as members of the family but when we take our dogs for a walk we connect to the greater community and also to the surrounding environment. So the often quoted personal health benefits are complemented by the capacity for dogs to act as social enablers - 50% of dog owners met people in their neighbourhood as a result of their pet; in addition 80% of dog owners talked to others when out walking their dogs (Wood, 2009).

This can have a ripple effect onto non-dog owners and the broader community, and has practical implications for the way in which dogs are both accommodated and valued in society. Australians need to understand these considerations and avoiding the issue of dogs and their waste through curtailing dog population growth is not recommended (as seen by the above image) as it will undermine economic investment in the industry, erode social capital and reduce social well-being.

As park spaces are used for multiple purposes - with or without dogs - Poo Power! continues to work towards a solution that acceptable to dog owners and all users of public spaces. So, we're still pushing ahead for a Summer launch, but if you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook you would know that the newly introduced EPA Victoria 'Energy from Waste' guidelines (No. 1549) have added an extra hurdle for finding a home for Poo Power! 

If you don't subscribe to our newsletters, in our Spring edition we announced which Melbourne parks we are investigating:

  • Since June 2012, Poo Power! has been under the auspice of the Yarra Energy Foundation. But do you remember reading in the local Leader newspaper that at a Yarra City Council meeting Councillor Gaylard moved that Citizens Park behind Richmond Town Hall to be investigated for suitability for Poo Power!? The motion passed.
  • Boroondara City Council were the first to reach out to Poo Power! as they have a staggering 216 parks and gardens within their municipality. Fritsch Holzer Park in Hawthorn East has a rich local history: in 1883 it was the site of the Upper Hawthorn Brick Company; then in 1972 when the Hawthorn Council purchased the site it was used as a landfill site until 1986, then a temporary waste transfer station until 1989. Lastly in 1995 a project was launched to reconstruct this area into a park as it is now used as Boroondara's largest and most popular dog park. How fitting would it be is this was to become the site of the first Poo Power! station?
  • Nillumbik Shire Council pride themselves on their eco-credentials and following a discussion at the Sustainable Living Festival we're looking at Eltham Lower Park. Make sure you come to the Nillumbik Pet Expo on the 27th of October in Diamond Creek.

Remember you can show your support by writing to your local Council.


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