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Diesel's Top 5 for 2013

Posted Wednesday 18th December 2013, 4:00pm
Diesel's Top 5 for 2013

Last week we wrote the final report to Inspiring Australia and it was wonderful looking back over the year at all the events, media attention and people we met along the way. So Diesel has compiled a Top 5 of his most favourite Poo Power!-ful moments. What were yours?

#5: Dog Lovers Show
Our biggest event - the inaugural exhibition for all of Melbourne's dog lovers. Senator Don Farrell, Minister for Science dropped by but Duncan also met Mia Cobb from 'Do You Believe in Dog?' for the first time. Great minds think alike and together it could only mean trouble! (And giggles.)

#4: Steaming Toad Variety Show - Sustainable Living Festival
It was Day 2 of the SLF and about 40'C backstage and HG Nelson reveals he loves boxers, Dan Illic raps, and Duncan is talking with Claire Hooper about clubbing baby seals (we're not sure how they got onto that topic). Onstage it was dog poo puns and jokes galore as Duncan tried to keep up with the comedy professionals, before the conversation went serious with Simon Holmes-a-Court and Matt Wright.

#3: Poo Power!'s first TV interview on the 7pm ABC News
ABC reporter Emily Stewart was lovely and patient with us as it was raining and Diesel was being his goofy self. After this went to air Duncan was stopped in the street a couple times recognised as "the dog poo guy." Is this our claim to fame?

#2: Getting even with Steve Price on The Project
Last year when The Project briefly covered Poo Power!, Steve Price gave his trademark prickly response. During the Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids conference, Duncan was offered his right of reply and - in good humour - set his sight on Steve. Watch what happened.

#1: Named as a finalist in the Clean Energy Awards
Duncan was up against Hydro Tasmania and Infigen Energy. The only individual finalist in the category. Totally chuffed.

So, what's on for 2014? As Poo Power! is a labour of love for Duncan & Diesel (that is, it's not a paying job) we'll be scaling back the community events and activities so we can focus on what needs to happen next - to deliver Australia's first permanently installed dog poo biogas generator. It's a work in progress, but we'll also be exploring getting schools more actively involved and if you're a member of the VAEE you may be seeing more of us in the new year. But we'll be at the Sustainable Living Festival in February so make sure you come up and say hello.

Be well, enjoy the Summer (or Winter), and each other's company.

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