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Diesel powered!

Posted Wednesday 27th June 2012, 12:00am
Diesel powered!

Have you seen news this week?  It was pretty hard to miss...

Two weeks ago after sending out my media releases, I heard back from Paula Maud from the Leader Community Newspapers who loved the story and decided to pick it up.  (I apologise in advance for any unintentional poo puns.)  So after a couple of phone interviews I found myself last Tuesday morning in Read Gardens in Camberwell with photographer Janine Eastgate staging a little scene with Diesel.  We left Sally at home to rest up but Diesel was his doofus self... no idea what was going on, jumping around, pulling at the lead.  He was having a ball as you can tell from the final photo :)  What do they say in media? Never work with animals and children?  I wonder how often they find themselves breaking that rule but I must acknowledge my friend Laura Kulman who helped out on that morning.  

So, two versions of the story emerged (with very minor differences) from the Progress newspapers:

Dog poop harnessed to generate energy’ for the Melbourne and Yarra editions on Monday; and More growl per litre in Camberwell’ for the Boroondara edition yesterday.  

The Herald-Sun also ran an edited version of the story too, both online and in their print media, based on Paula’s original article:

Dog poop could soon be converted to energy’ without Diesel’s photo; and ‘Poop's practical purpose’ on page 10 of Monday’s paper.

Over the conversations with Paula there were many angles explored - how the project started from doing a post-graduate qualification at Swinburne University, to my rehabilitation following cancer, volunteering with the Yarra Energy Foundation and so on.  The editing process and final article is interesting.  Of course there is a bigger story behind the scenes which I’ll explore with you over the life of the project but I have been working on this over the last two years and it was the grant from Inspiring Australia that has been the catalyst for all this activity.  I am aware of all the other great projects that are happening overseas - USA, Canada, India, Sweden, to name a few - and I feel honoured that I’m part of a greater movement of using biogas technology as a community energy source.  I have tried to reach out to a couple but for whatever reason I didn’t hear back (but it’s not too late if you’re reading this).

That said, the feedback has been great despite my physiotherapist being very concerned how the photo was taken as I require a walking stick to get around.  Let me say that I went home to ice my knee and ankle with the help of a couple of Voltaren.

So if you see me in the street, come up and say hello.  Diesel, is now a superstar and is loving all the attention :)

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