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Poo Power! Global Challenge

Poo Power! Global Challenge

Wednesday 20th November 2013, 12:00pm


Students invited to compete in global dog poo competition 

[For immediate release]

Students and classes will be pitched against each other to see who can identify the most and largest dog poo 'hotspots' in their local neighbourhood in the 'Poo P...



Thursday 10th October 2013, 12:00pm

Today the Poo Power! App for iPhone reached its first milestone - 100 individually geotagged photos uploaded to Flickr identifying dog poo 'hotspots'. Click here to see the 100th upload.

The array of colours and textures is surprising! Have you visited the...

Bag it (Part 2)

Bag it (Part 2)

Friday 24th May 2013, 6:00pm

In noticing a few websites and blogs who have linked back to '' (including Plastic Free July), it has provided the motivation to write the overdue companion piece discussing compostable bags.

Perhaps a bit of context first: At community events such as the rece...

Much Ado About Poo

Much Ado About Poo

Friday 27th May 2011, 11:26am

There is an estimated 3.972 million dogs (across 2.8 million households) in Australia which are walked around our neighbourhood and in urban parks, that is, ‘dog parks’. These parks (whether designated “off-leash” or otherwise) are a source of large...


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