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$45,000 grant to Poo Power!

Posted Tuesday 12th June 2012, 10:00am


Poo Power! is one of 63 successful recipients from Inspiring Australia’s ‘Unlocking Australia’s Potential’ program. The $45,000 grant has been awarded to the Yarra Energy Foundation to turn dog poo from parks in the City of Yarra into renewable energy.

There is over 1350 tonnes of dog waste to be disposed of every day in Australia - nearly half a million tonnes per year. Using this un-tapped resource, Poo Power! will engage Australians in its science through utilising an anaerobic digester to process dog waste into biogas that can serve as a local renewable energy source.

Within the City of Yarra there are approximately 6078 dogs that generate over 750 tonnes of waste every year - around 150 tonnes which ends up in urban parks. This waste can be diverted into a local an anaerobic digester to generate more than 3800 litres of biogas that can be used for heating, lighting or electricity.

This small but important amount of biogas will be used in a City of Yarra park in an interactive public installation as a community meeting place for use by dog owners and other citizens.

“This project has the potential to be groundbreaking, a whole lot of fun and will deliver value to the citizens in the City of Yarra, which is why YEF is involved.” Alex Fearnside, CEO of the Yarra Energy Foundation.

This project was instigated by Duncan Chew and driven by his passion for dogs, reducing waste and climate change. “One day a couple of years back I watching people at parks readily collect their dog’s poo in plastic bags only to send it to landfill and wanted to discover if a better use for the waste existed, I truly believe that this is a great solution.” Duncan Chew, Project and Science Engagement Manager for the Poo Power! Project.

The Innovation Australia grant funds will be used throughout the community engagement stages of the project. Community organisations, schools and groups within the City of Yarra will be able to take advantage of the offer of short workshops and free public events starting from Summer 2012/13. Updates will be announced through Yarra Energy Foundation’s Facebook page, Twitter (#poopower) and the Poo Power! quarterly newsletter.


Media enquiries:

Poo Power! - Duncan Chew | 0418 513 240 | duncan@greennation.com.au

Yarra Energy Foundation - Alex Fearnside | 0434 990 108 | alex.fearnside@yef.org.au

Updates on Poo Power! will be posted on the website (www.poopower.com.au) and visitors are invited to sign up to the newsletters for details on forthcoming events, publications and educational resources. Expressions of interest for project participation are welcome and can be sent through the website.

Yarra Energy Foundation is a non-profit organisation solely dedicated to making the City of Yarra carbon neutral by 2020. The Foundation was established by the Yarra City Council in August 2010 to fulfill its mission of a carbon neutral city by 2020. The Foundation leads projects that work with local residents, businesses and the wider community to achieve its aims. For more information about YEF projects visit: www.yef.org.au.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. For full details about the program visit: www.innovation.gov.au/Science/InspiringAustralia

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